Notes on silicone moldmaking without a pressure pot

While it’s still fresh in my mind. I recently remade half of my skull mold, since it has gotten a lot of use and the wear and tear is starting to show.  Originally… Continue reading

Gallery update

I hadn’t done proper photos of this sculpt, so there are now new ones in his Gallery. I also made a new Cole page.

Books on Sculpture

anonymous asked me on Tumblr, crossposting this here: what books do you recommend for sculpting? Well, that rather depends on what sort of sculpting you want to do. Some books I have personally found… Continue reading

How to start sculpting: Materials

I received yet another question about this on my Tumblr, and I’ve written a few posts on this before (can’t be arsed to find them now) but not very comprehensibly. May as do… Continue reading

Fen’Harel Sculpt

I finished this piece a couple of months ago but hadn’t gotten around to posting it. Head over to his page in the Gallery for more.

Sculpting a face

Progression continues in Dorian’s gallery.